We aim to provide a haven

for people to bond, de-stress and connect with one another

About Us

Curated Workshops

ArtZ Baking & Culinary offers a range of learning workshops, primarily in the areas of Baking & Culinary, Cake Decorating and selected Arts & Crafts for Adults, Teens, Kids (5 years & up) and Corporates. We curate professional overseas & local specialist/expert instructors to offer a variety of baking, cake decor, edible flowers and culinary workshops to cater to a wide clientele ranging from individuals, home bakers, pre-schools, schools, corporates, churches and government sector.
We have a series of Junior Chef workshops, covering a range of baking, culinary, decoration and simple buttercream floral workshops. Our classes are kept small to ensure that our junior chefs have dedicated attention and sufficient time to learn valuable life skills and food safety knowledge at their own pace.
We aim to provide a haven for people to bond, de-stress and connect with one another, especially to promote stronger bonding between families, friends and teams. The Founder, Sharon discovered her love and passion for baking & cooking after taking a career break to care for her 2 special needs children and diabetic mother who had advanced stage liver cancer and advanced stage dementia. Hence, she devotes her time and energies to develop yummy pastries with lower sugar content. Facilitating Baking & Cooking workshops and Baking are very therapeutic to Sharon. Besides bringing joy & uplifting her spirits, they helped her to perfect her baking & culinary skills to bring healthier dishes and bakes to her loved ones.

Authentic Thai Cuisine Hands-on Workshops

We can conduct small private workshops or one-on-one coaching on selected Authentic Thai Cuisine on request – Thai dishes and Thai Desserts (less sweet) that are adapted more to our local taste buds. 

We can adapt certain Thai cuisine and desserts workshops for our corporate teambonding programs.

Customised Cakes / Dessert Tables

Together with our team of Home Bakers (Halal & Non-Halal), we provide a wide range of bakes and dessert tables for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions , private/corporate functions etc. Self-Pick up / Delivery Charges (self-arranged) apply.

Studio Rental

Currently, we have our main Baking & Culinary Studio for rental within town area.  Workstation Rental in a small break-down room with a built-in oven and steam oven designated for halal bakes is also available. We also welcome overseas instructors / corporates who needs a space for their private events to connect with us. 

We also offer special package rates to Home Bakers who needs a better equipped kitchen and larger space to supply their bakes. 


We also have a small retail area where we supply Custom Cakes & Bakes, premium ingredients like Marukyu Koyamaen Japanese premium Matcha Powder and selected baking tools.


Baking has the benefits of allowing people creative expression and provides stress relief that people can get from having some kind of an outlet and a way to express themselves.

Baking & Cooking allows people to connect, evokes positive emotions, besides having the opportunity to learn the right techniques, skills, mastery and precision.

Good Food, prepared with the heart and care, will always put a smile on people’s faces.

Baking and Cooking for others is an expression of love, it can also be a creative, artistic and therapeutic hobby.

Through working with her own kids with social interaction difficulties and attention deficit issues, Sharon has learned that baking & cooking encourages them to focus and improve their concentration, besides raising their self-esteem and confidence level.

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