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Chef Instructor Diana Loo

Diana Loo is a self-taught seasoned baker who has acquired a wealth of Culinary & Baking  experience, through wide exposure to various food cultures & extensive travelling.

She loves food and enjoys trying out various recipes with an adventurous spirit in the kitchen, coming up with her own.  Diana expresses her creativity, love, care and hospitality through food.  She started delving and getting into healthier cooking when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease about 6 years ago.  With the aim to heal herself through food therapy, she started to cook and bake with healthier / gluten-free options and use organic products whenever possible. 

This was how her journey and love with sourdough baking and cooking started.  Sourdough is easier for digestion and feeds “good” bacteria in our intestines which are important for maintaining a stable and healthy digestive system. 

Over the years, Diana has conducted many healthy cooking classes, worked with several food brands to develop healthy recipes and baked countless sourdough.  She hopes to share the valuable sourdough and culinary experience she has gathered over the years with sourdough and culinary enthusiasts.