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Chef Tay Tong San

A Native Teochew, Chef Tay developed her passion for cooking, especially for traditional and local cuisines since young through the influence of her mother.  She is always curious about experimenting different types of recipes to bring her culinary skills to perfection. As her interest in the Culinary Arts grew, she naturally began to perfect her techniques in the making of Teochew dishes. 

She has attended many professional baking and cooking workshops to hone her culinary skills.  Over the years, she has also mastered renowned Hakka Cuisine from her husband’s family. Like Hakka Rice Wine for Confinement, Hakka Rice Wine Chicken, Red Fermented Wine Chicken etc. Through these learning experiences, her love for cooking increases by each day, and she continually improves her culinary skills, and always intrigued to find out more about the world of food.

To share her passion and knowledge of cooking and baking, she has become a trainer for private schools/institutions and various community centres, as well as a certified PA Culinary Instructor since 2006.

Professional Qualifications (Certificates)

  • Statement of Attainment from Asian Culinary Institute of Singapore Attendance Cert (Healthy Cooking) from PA, Health Promotion Board & SHATEC
  • ITE Cert (Baking) from Institute of Technical Education

Tag: Chinese Cuisine, Local Cuisine, Confinement Food, Teochew Cuisine, Hakka Food