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Instructor Daisy Maula Gochangco

Daisy was formerly the Lead Fondant Artist with an established bakery café and has several years of experience as a Cake Designer / Fondant Artist. With sophisticated skills in sugar paste figurines, fondant cakes and toppers besides sugar paste flowers, Daisy used to lead a team of cake artists to fulfil customised cakes and toppers/figurines orders.

Daisy has constantly upskilled herself over the years and learned Sugar Paste Flowers, Cake Stencilling, Buttercream Painting, Buttercream Cake Sculpturing and Creative Cookie Decorating from renowned overseas cake artists like Maggie Austin, The Cake Botanist, Sweet  Bloom Cakes, Jackie Florendo, Winifred Kriste Cakes etc.

Daisy is currently a freelance Cake Designer and Figurine Designer and in her free time, she dabbles into her new found hobby, pottery.

Instagram: thepurple_carrot