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Instructor Sharon

Instructor Sharon is the Founder of ArtZ Baking & Culinary School and a self-taught seasoned baker who has also acquired a wealth of Baking & Culinary experience, through wide exposure and learning from overseas instructors and highly experienced qualified chef instructors.  She is ACLP-Certified who possesses an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance. She has also conducted several baking & culinary and private and teambonding workshops for children, parent-child groups and adults over the years.

Sharon enjoys experimenting with food from various regions and ethnic groups, tweaking various recipes to create healthier ones, striking a balance between great taste and healthier ingredients and proportions.

Sharon discovered her love & passion for baking & culinary in her early teens when she helped her grandmother and mother in the kitchen preparing meals and steamed cakes.  She is the only person in her big extended family who has “inherited” her grandmother’s Putien and well-liked home-cooked dishes.

After taking a career break from her corporate headhunting profession in 2012 to care for her 2 special needs children and elderly mom suffering from advanced stage liver cancer, advanced dementia & diabetes, Sharon spent many years attending numerous diverse baking & culinary workshops by both local and overseas instructors to further hone her baking & culinary skills.  She has also obtained her Food Safety & Hygiene Certification. 

Sharon found baking & cooking and attending these workshops therapeutic and highly beneficial in perfecting her knowledge and skills to present healthier bakes and cuisine to others.  She is dedicated to lifelong learning and balancing nutritional & dietary needs for her loved ones and two very fussy eaters at home.

Through working with her own children with social interaction challenges & attention deficit issues, Sharon has learned how to engage many children and teens in baking & cooking activities to instil life skills, teamwork, improve their focus & concentration, besides raising their confidence level.  She has also spent over 10 years teaching and working with children and teens as a volunteer teacher in churches over the weekends.

Baking & Cooking allows people to connect, evokes joy & positive emotions, relieves stress & anxiety, besides learning good techniques & skills, mastery & precision, life skills etc. It is also an expression of love, encourages creativity & artistic expression. Baking is a fun therapeutic activity.

Sharon believes in food therapy and she has caught the sourdough bug and spent most of her baking time developing palatable sourdough/sourdough discard recipes, especially for those who prefer softer breads/bakes and those who have tighter schedules to make wholesome sourdough bakes with lesser time.