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Moroccan Instructor Safia

Safia is from Casablanca, Morocco and her culinary skills are greatly influenced by her mother, who grew up in Fez, the second largest city & one of the richest Moroccan cities, in history, culture and gastronomic flavours. Safia acquires good culinary knowledge which was passed down through generations through her mother. The authenticity and diversity in Moroccan dishes and the ancient traditional culinary techniques, have often placed Moroccan Cuisine at the top of international rankings.

Before moving to Singapore, where Safia has been for the last 6 years, she also lived 15 years in Paris where she studied architecture and worked 5 years as an Architect in Paris. She was able to immense in rich French culture and exposed to French Cuisine, one of the world’s best cuisines.

With her diverse exposure to various cultures across different continents, she is keen and delighted to share the rich heritage of the Moroccan Kitchen and Cuisine.