10 Vegetarian Side Dishes Workshop by Award-Winning Taiwan Vegetarian Culinary Instructor Even Lin


🍅  10 Vegetarian Side Dishes 🥦  Workshop by Award-Winning Taiwan Vegetarian Culinary Instructor Even Lin

🥕 蔬食10道小菜🍆课程  – 台湾🇹🇼知名素食名厨林圣智老师


🗓️  Sat 6/1/2024

上午班 10 am – 1 pm / till finish


Usual Workshop Fees: $260 / pax

Promo Fees: SGD 240 / pax


🍅  10 Vegetarian Side Dishes 🥦  Workshop by Award-Winning Taiwan Vegetarian Culinary Instructor Even Lin

🥕 蔬食10道小菜🍆课程  – 台湾🇹🇼知名素食名厨林圣智老师


🥕 Workshop Content / Dishes 🍆

  1. Peanut Tau Kua Vegetarian Dried Fish (Demo)
  2. Beetroot Vinegar Pickled Lotus Root (Demo)
  3. Spicy Cold Vegetarian Chicken (Demo)
  4. Yunnan Cold Dish (Demo)
  5. Tea Smoked Vegetarian Goose (Demo)
  6. Handmade Peanuts and Sesame Tofu (Hands-on)
  7. Pickles with Dates (Hands-on)
  8. Japanese Ramen Egg (Hands-on)
  9. Pumpkin with Plum (Demo)
  10. Mapo Eggplant (Demo)


  1. Peanut Tau Kua Vegetarian Dried Fish (Demo)

The salty and appetizing, the crispness of vegetarian dried fish, the taste of the sea, and the wonderful combination of dried beans and green chilli padi is a delicious side dish.

  1. Beetroot Vinegar Pickled Lotus Root (Demo)

The unique crispness of lotus root and the bright red color of candied beetroot with rock sugar are very appetizing, can taste the sweet and sour feeling of osmanthus sugar.

  1. Spicy Cold Vegetarian Chicken (Demo)

Cold Vegetarian Chicken is a very common side dish, but we often consume vegetarian chicken without flavour, this time using a little technique to let the flavours quickly blend in, it is a pity not to learn

  1. Yunnan Cold Dish (Demo)

Yunnan cuisine – sour and spicy, lettuce at the bottom, soul is sauce, sour mala aroma is very versatile, pepper chicken and other dishes can be used too.

  1. Tea Smoked Vegetarian Goose (Demo)

The classic Shanghai Cuisine Smoked Vegetarian Goose has a multi-layered and solid taste, full of bean aroma vegetarian goose, the use of tea smoke method is a dish that amazes the banquet guests

  1. Handmade peanuts and sesame tofu (Hands-on)

Handmade peanut tofu with sesame aroma, dense texture and light sauce, it is a delicious dish in the hot summer

  1. Pickles with Dates (Hands-on)

Taiwanese Kimchi often tastes very sour, acidic & tangy, pair with Yilan Golden Dates, sweet and sour taste, also suitable to pair with stinky tofu or cold dish

  1. Japanese Ramen Egg (Hands-on)

Japanese Ramen eggs, timing is very important, besides sauce proportions.  With just the right salty sweetness, you can make multiple eggs at a time, and you can make a big dish at home

  1. Pumpkin with plum (Demo)

Pumpkin is often used in dishes, but few people use it as a cold dish, so you are sure to be amazed when you try it

  1. Mapo Eggplant (Demo)

Eggplant Cold Dish often refers to the addition of soy sauce paste, but this time pair with mapo sauce, it is very delicious.


✅  English and Simplified Chinese recipes will be provided.


🗓️  Sat 6/1/2024

上午班 10 am – 1 pm / till finish

Usual Workshop Fees: $260 / pax

Promo Fees: SGD 240 / pax




1. 花生豆干素鱼干(示范)























Chef Bio – Even Lin / 林圣智老师: 

Bachelor of Science in Vegetarian Food Industry, Health & Creativity

Areas of Specialisation

Chinese and Western Creative Vegetarian Food

Organic Wellness Meal

Western Cuisine

Bake Snacks

Fruit and Vegetable Carving


Results of international culinary competitions and results of domestic culinary competitions

Won a total of 72 awards (3 special gold medals, 24 gold medals, 15 silver medals, 20 bronze medals, 10 winners)


Professional Licenses

Chinese Cuisine – Vegetarian

Western Cuisine

Chinese Pastry Processing – Leavened Dough

Baked Goods – Cakes & Pastries

Chinese Cuisine – Vegetarian

Chinese Cuisine – Non-Vegetarian

Beverage Preparation

Baked Goods – Bread


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