Fruit Jam Making Express Beginner Workshop 1 by Taiwan Chef Instructor & Recipe Books Author Sandra Yu


Fruit Jam Making Beginner Workshop 1 By Taiwan Chef Instructor & Recipe Books Author Sandra Yu 于美芮

果酱初级课程 1 – 台湾🇹🇼果酱女王与厨艺老师于美芮

🗓️ Sat 27 Jan 2024

  10 am – 2 pm / till finish

(Not SkillFuture Approved course)

▶ Private Workshop Option (On Request / Advance Notice): 10 pax (subject to Studio & Instructor’s availability)


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Fruit Jam Making Express Beginner Workshop 1 by Taiwan Chef Instructor & Recipe Books Author Sandra Yu 

果酱快捷初级班 1 – 台湾🇹🇼果酱女王与厨艺老师于美芮

How is Fruit Jam made?

Fruit Jam is a product made from fruits cooked with sugar until Pectin releases and the mixture is thickened to a spreadable consistency.


Fruit Jam Beginner Workshop 1 (Menu A)


  • Hands-On on natural Pectin / use of  Fruit Peel
  • Learning different types of sugar and their temperature
  • Canning and Sterilisation Techniques
  • Various Methods of Sterilisation
  • Classification and Differences of common Jams
  • Selection of different jars
  • Theories behind Fruit Jam making
  • Instructor will demonstrate various types of Jams using local fruits that is in season
  • Tips on Storage, Commercial Sales & various jam combinations will be shared etc.


   1.  Golden Kiwi + Green Kiwi Jam (Double Layered Jam Demo + Hands-on)

  2.  Chinese Pear Jam (Demo without Pectin + Hands-on)

  3.  Waffles (Demo)

Special Bonus Recipe for Singapore Workshops: 2 Extra Fruit Jam Recipes will be given & Teacher will explain the making of  these extra recipes plus Bonus tips


果酱快捷初级班 1 – 果酱女王于美芮

  • 自制 天然果胶 /果皮的运用
  • 砂糖的种类与温度判断
  • 装罐与消毒技巧
  • 不同罐子的挑选
  • 消毒的各种方法
  • 常见果酱的分类与不同
  • 导师以当地当季水果为主示范 多种类型 果酱


  1.           黄金奇异果果酱+绿奇异果果酱 (双层果酱示范 + 实作)
  2.           中国梨酱 (无果胶示范 + 实作)
  3.           华夫饼 / 松饼  (示范)

新加坡课程:加码2个特别果酱食谱, 老师会在课堂上口述做法, 窍门和该注意事项。


🗓️ Sat 27 Jan 2024

  10 am – 2 pm / till finish

(Not SkillFuture Approved course)


Promo Hands-on Workshop Fees: SGD 250 / pax

Early Bird Offer: SGD 228 / pax


Bio Sandra Yu  于美芮

Facebook Page / 脸书页 :@果醬女王于美芮廚藝教室

Chef Sandra has a wealth of impressive patisserie and cuisine worked in Paris with a few renowned F&B establishments like Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger, The Ritz Paris’ premier pâtisserie and the famed tearoom and pâtisserie, Angelina Paris known for its Mont-Blanc dessert and hot chocolate.  After returning to Taiwan, she has worked in a number of 5-star hotel establishments and restaurants in Taipei as R&D Chef, guest Chef, F&B Consultant and Chef de Cuisine in pastries and Thai Cuisine, besides conducting workshops.

Chef Sandra holds a Grand Diplôme de Cuisine et Pâtisserie (i.e. Diploma of Cuisine and Diploma of Pâtisserie) with Le Cordon Bleu France,

Graduated in French Patisserie from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, The Ritz Paris

Completed professional courses in pastries with Bellouet Conseil in Paris.


Chef Sandra is also the only one in Asia who won an award in 2018 Le Championnat Du Monde Professionnel 2018 De Beaupuy, a World Cup Fruit Jam / Confiture competition in France.



法国蓝带(Le Cordon Bleu )厨艺学院法式甜点与法式料理之大证书毕业 Grand Diplome蓝带厨艺大文凭课程。

2007年 巴黎丽池饭店艾斯考厨艺学院(ESCOFFIER),法式甜点毕业。

2008年 法国专业甜点学院(Bellouet Conseil) 专业课程结业。

2009~2013年法国专业甜点学院Bellouet Conseil 专业课程结业。





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