Online Pre-recorded Class: CNY Teacup Macarons Workshop by Tan Phay Shing (Bonus Demo: Valentine’s Theme Teacup Design)


Online Pre-recorded Chinese New Year Teacup Macarons (+Bonus Demo: Valentine’s Design) Workshop by Instructor Tan Phay Shing 


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🎉 Online Pre-recorded Chinese New Year Teacup Macarons (+Bonus Demo: Valentine’s Theme Design) Workshop by Instructor Tan Phay Shing 🎉

Learn how to make something unique & auspicious for CNY, Valentine and special occasions – a refreshing Idea out of the ordinary from creative instructor Phay Shing

Due to popular requests, we have set up a pre-recorded online class and uploaded the edited videos and made them available for unlimited viewing by paid students via a private Facebook group.
** For Overseas participants and people who are open to online classes, you could sign up for the pre-recorded videos of this class where you will have access to unlimited viewing of these videos, a very detailed step-by-step recipe, templates, ingredient and logistics lists.  No Expiry Date


Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Learning points:

Swiss meringue method of making macarons

  • How to pipe hemispherical macaron shells
  • How to add calligraphy writing on macaron shells using royal icing (吉)
  • How to make mandarin orange yuzu curd
  • How to make mandarin orange yuzu Swiss meringue buttercream
  • How to make dark chocolate ganache
  • How to make royal icing with different consistencies for different purposes
  • How to assemble teacup macarons
  • Bonus: How to pipe Royal Icing Rosettes (Valentine’s Special)


Bonus Demo: a Simple Valentine’s Teacup Macaron Design (in Red Teacup Macaron)

Date / Time:Own Time Own Target (Learn at your convenience)

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Bio of Phay Shing Tan

Phay Shing is a sought-after Pastry Instructor who has written three books, Creative Baking: Macarons, Creative Baking: Macaron Basics and Creative Baking: Deco Choux Pastries.

A firm believer in using natural sources of food colouring wherever possible, Phay Shing’s health-conscious baking philosophy has always been to create that delicate balance between aesthetics, healthfulness, richness in flavour and level of sweetness in her bakes. People who have tried her bakes often gives good reviews on the delectable taste, adorable appearance and appreciate her healthier & less sweet bakes.

With a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phay Shing’s experiments did not end after she left the lab. She continues to conduct experiments of a different kind in her home kitchen, where she bakes creative macarons, cookies, chiffon cakes, choux pastries, breads and steamed buns.

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.


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