Online Baking Class (Pre-recorded): Small Meat Floss Cakes《肉松小贝》


Online Baking Class (Pre-recorded): Small Meat Floss Cakes《肉松小贝》
Fees: SGD 45 (original hands-on workshop: SGD 160)
Online Class will be conducted in Mandarin with Chinese & English subtitles and Chinese/Simple English recipe.

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.


  • Unfading Hot Internet Celebrity Dessert
  • Super Yummy Meat Floss Cake
  • Crispy Seaweed accompanied with Savoury Sweet and Thick Meat Floss, Soft & Fluffy Cake and special blended salad sauce, exclusive lava custard mix
    酥香的海苔配搭咸香厚实的肉松 软棉的蛋糕及特调的沙拉酱还有独家流心奶皇调制
Create the most unique fillings 🤩, let your extraordinary small cakes with the rich layering leave a lasting impression
创造最独特的酱心, 让你的小贝就是不一样🤩丰富的层次感 让人回味无穷😋 这不就是你要的吗😄
学会这些 你还怕平时不知卖什么吗😄
What you will learn 课程中, 老师将教你:
🎉 Filling 1: Molten Lava Custard Cake 爆浆奶皇小贝
🎉 Filling 2: Elastic Mochi Yam/Taro Cake 麻薯拉丝芋泥小贝
🎉 Filling 3: Elastic Mochi Purple Potato Cake 麻薯拉丝紫薯小贝
👉 Soft & Fluffy Cake Making 软棉蛋糕体制作
👉 Exclusive Lava Custard Making 独家流心奶皇调制
👉 Elastic Mochi Making 拉丝麻薯制作
👉 Special Blended Salad Sauce 特调沙拉酱
👉 Yam & Purple Potato Filling Making 芋泥与紫薯内馅制作

Registration Process

  1. Complete the registration online by clicking “Add to Cart”, followed by “View Cart”, then “Proceed to Checkout”. Complete your particulars & add remarks in the section “Order notes (optional)” eg your friend’s name & hp number if you are signing up for others.
  2. Please make Payment via Paynow / Paylah / Bank Transfer etc. with remarks during transfer your name & Class name.  Strictly No Refund will be entertained for Online Classes, as these classes can be accessed unlimited times at an ongoing basis.
  3. Important Step: Whatsapp Sharon at +6596882777 with a screenshot of your Facebook profile page and advise participant’s mobile number (if you are making payment on behalf of others).
  4. Please note that 1 Payment is only valid for 1 Facebook account or Zoom account to access the online class.
  5. Once we verify your payment is received, we will revert within 48 hours with a link for you to access the online baking class and a bilingual recipe in a private Facebook group.
  6. Please click on the link & send in a request to join that private Facebook group.  Once you are admitted into that group, students will be able to view the recipes and videos, type their questions / queries directly in the closed group. The instructor will address those queries directly through the respective private Facebook groups.
  7. You must have an existing & functioning Facebook account to join the online classes to access the recipes, templates (if any) and videos.  We regret we will not be able to email or send videos, recipes, templates (if any) directly to anyone.
  8. Please contact Facebook Help Centre directly for help if you happen to encounter any restrictions / problems with your Facebook account.  We regret we are not in the position to help resolve any technical issues pertaining to students’ Facebook accounts.


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**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.




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