Sourdough Bakes Workshop: Soft Honey Mixed Wheat Sandwich Bread & Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies Workshop


Limited Time Offer for our Sourdough Bakes workshop!

Sourdough Soft Honey Mixed Wheat Sandwich Bread & Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies Workshop by Instructor Sharon


Dates / Timings to choose from:

▶ Option 1: Aug / Sep 2023 (TBA)

▶ 10 am – 6.30 pm / till finish

▶ Option 2: Private or Teambonding Workshop (min 4 pax) – subject to Studio & Instructor’s availability

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.


Limited Time Offer for our Sourdough Bakes workshop!

To support our National Covid vaccine drive, those who have received their Covid vaccine & sign up for this class, we will be giving a 1 kg pack of Premium Taiwan Unbleached All-Purpose or Cake Flour while stocks last!

Sign Up together with another friend and each participant will receive an extra $5 off the special workshop fee!

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Sourdough contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients, making it super beneficial to your day-to-day health. Sourdough bread has small to moderate amounts of: iron, manganese, calcium, B1-B6, B12, folate, zinc, potassium, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, selenium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

🎉Sourdough Soft Honey Mixed Wheat Sandwich Bread & Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies Workshop by Instructor Sharon 🎉


1.  Sourdough Soft Honey Mixed Wheat Sandwich Bread with a Softer Crust

A richly flavored, soft-textured Sandwich Bread with mild, tangy flavour, this bread gets from the long slow rise that is needed for the natural / wild yeast in the starter to grow.

The super-soft sandwich bread that kids and adults will love includes a no-knead method that is perfect for doing an easy overnight rise and creates the softest, fluffiest sandwich bread with all the health benefits of sourdough.

2.  Sourdough Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies

For sourdough bakers, if you have been throwing your sourdough discard away after each feeding, Save these liquid gold for this yummy and healthier sourdough bakes!

Soft & yummy crisp cookies, using sourdough discard.  These cookies have a tender crumb and a slight sourdough note that is lightly chewy and lightly cake-like; the sourdough helps give a greater depth of flavor to the cookies.

3. How to maintain & preserve a Strong Sourdough Starter

Once you acquire the right knowledge with maintaining a good sourdough starter and the correct baking techniques, your efforts will be rewarded with sweet aromatic, flavourful and wholesome bakes.

Learning Points:

  • How to feed and maintain a strong starter (step-by-step detailed & easy method/regime to follow and understand for beginners)
  • Baking & Mixing Techniques
  • Tips on strengthening the dough and shaping the sandwich bread dough
  • Tips on how to prevent cookies from over-spreading & flattening
  • What to do with Sourdough Discards
  • Tips on combination of flavours

Suitable for Novices with no experience in Sourdough as we will go through step by step how to maintain a strong starter & bake nutritious Sourdough scones.

We will create a private Whatsapp class group (post-workshop support) to guide students with their starter maintenance and sourdough baking.


Dates / Timings to choose from:

▶ Option 1: Aug / Sep 2023 (TBA)

▶ 10 am – 6.30 pm / till finish

▶ Option 2: Private or Teambonding Workshop (min 4 pax) – subject to Studio & Instructor’s availability


Special Fees / 学费: SGD 188 / pax (usual fees is $220)

Fees include:

  1. 1 portion of strong Sourdough Starter to kickstart your Sourdough Journey
  2. Detailed step by step Recipe/Ingredients Guide
  3. 1 detailed step by step Starter Maintenance & Preservation Guide (user-friendly guide)
  4. 8 weeks of post-workshop and starter support on private Whatsapp chatgroup chat while students practise.
  5. Bring home 1 Sandwich Loaf and a packet of Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies

Please WhatsApp Sharon at 9688 2777 if you are keen to join:

  1. Subsequent Sourdough Bread/Bakes classes or form a private workshop (min. pax applies).

2. Online Pre-recorded Workshop / Zoom Live Workshop


Studio Venue/ 地点:ArtZ Baking & Culinary

466 Crawford Lane #02-16 Singapore 190466

(4-min walk from Lavender MRT Exit A, Corner Studio, directly above Tai Hwa Eating House at Blk 466)

劳明达地铁站出口A (Lavender MRT Exit A) – 走路🚶‍♀️4分钟


▶ Whatsapp Sharon at +65-9688 2777 to sign up/enquire & to avoid missing out on your messages.


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Bio – Instructor Sharon Chew

Instructor Sharon is the Founder of ArtZ Baking & Culinary School and a self-taught seasoned baker who has also acquired a wealth of Baking & Culinary experience, through wide exposure and learning from overseas instructors and highly experienced qualified chef instructors.  She has also conducted many baking & culinary, private and teambonding workshops for children, parent-child groups and adults over the years.

Sharon enjoys experimenting with food from various regions and ethnic groups, tweaking various recipes to create healthier ones, striking a balance between great taste and healthier ingredients and proportions.

Sharon discovered her love & passion for baking & culinary in her early teens when she helped her grandmother and mother in the kitchen preparing meals and steamed cakes.  She is the only person in her big extended family who could cook her grandmother’s Putien and well-liked home-cooked dishes.

After taking a career break from her corporate headhunting profession in 2012 to care for her 2 special needs children and elderly mom suffering from advanced stage liver cancer, advanced dementia & diabetes, Sharon spent many years attending numerous diverse baking & culinary workshops by both overseas and local talented instructors to further hone her baking & culinary skills.  She has also obtained her Food Safety & Hygiene Certification.

Sharon found baking & cooking and attending these workshops therapeutic and highly beneficial in perfecting her knowledge and skills to present healthier bakes and cuisine to others.  She is dedicated to lifelong learning and balancing nutritional & dietary needs for her loved ones and two very fussy eaters at home.

Through working with her own children with social interaction challenges & attention deficit issues, Sharon has learned how to engage children and teens in baking & cooking activities to instill life skills, teamwork, improve their focus & concentration, besides raising their confidence level.  She has also spent about 10 years teaching and working with children and teens as a volunteer teacher over the weekends.

Baking & Cooking allows people to connect, evokes joy & positive emotions, relieves stress & anxiety, besides learning good techniques & skills, mastery & precision, life skills etc. It is also an expression of love, encourages creativity & artistic expression. Baking is a fun therapeutic activity.

Sharon believes in food therapy and she has caught the sourdough bug and spent most of her baking time developing palatable sourdough/sourdough discard recipes, especially for those who prefer softer breads/bakes and those who have tighter schedules to make wholesome sourdough bakes with lesser time.

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.


Registration Process

  1. Kindly confirm with Sharon via WhatsApp at +65-9688 2777 if there are still available seats for the workshop before proceeding with the online registration.
  2. Complete the registration online by clicking “Add to Cart”, followed by “View Cart”, then “Proceed to Checkout”. Complete your particulars & add remarks in the section “Order Notes (optional)” eg Workshop Date / Time (if more than 1 option is available), Account Holder Name (if different from the name you registered for the class) and your Friend’s name & hp number if you are signing up for others.
  3. Please make Payment via Paynow / Paylah / Bank Transfer etc. with remarks during transfer your Name (if your account holder name is different from the name you registered for the class), Order number & Class Date.
  4. Important Step: Whatsapp Sharon at +6596882777 with a screenshot of payment receipt & Online Order # and advise participant’s mobile number (if you are making payment on behalf of others).
  5. Once payment & payment receipt have been sent, your booking is confirmed and we will reserve a seat(s) for you.
  6. Two days before the workshop, we will send out reminder WhatsApp messages, address, map, directions & a list of things to take note of to all paid participants.


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