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Taiwan Chef Fred Lee

Chef Fred Lee

Chef Instructor Bio:

Taiwan Pastry Chef Instructor Fred Lee has an engineering background and has delved into baking for the last 18 years, as his childhood dream was to be a Pastry Chef.

His strengths lie in French Exquisite Pastries, Chocolate Desserts, Mirror Glaze Cakes and Airbrushed Cakes.

Due to his engineering background, his pastries design and teaching style are bold and creative, yet possessing a highly approachable, patient and professional style.

Chef Fred founded Choco Drug in 2016, and begun his baking teaching with various schools in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.


March 2018 Rated by Liberty Times as the Mirror Glaze Artist with the highest degree of freedom.

工程背景出身的昊炜老师,从小的梦想就是当一个烘培师,自学烘培至今也逾18个年头。擅长法式精緻点心、巧克力甜点 、镜面蛋糕、喷砂蛋糕。






Choco Drug 李昊 Taoyuan Choco Drug Head Chef Fred Lee

西点讲师 Pastry Instructor, various baking schools in Taiwan

海外相课经验 Overseas Teaching Engagements in Singapore & Malaysia