Terms & Conditions

** Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.

1. Class Duration: Duration of class might be extended instead of the stipulated timings, due to various factors.  Please buffer extra time in case our workshop over-runs.

2. Full Payment to Secure Reservation: Fees for scheduled classes must be paid fully in advance to secure your booking. Your booking is only confirmed once after online registration form is completed with full payment received & Whatsapp payment receipt to 96882777 (Sharon).

Your booking is only confirmed after online registration form is completed with full payment received & Whatsapp payment receipt to 96882777 (Sharon).

3. No Refund Policy & Replacement for Workshop Allowed: Our standard terms & conditions state that we do not offer refunds for confirmed workshops.  Payment will be fully forfeited in the event of No Show, hence we recommend that you arrange for someone to attend in your place, only with exceptions to compassionate reasons & hospitalization stay.  Please inform us of the person who will be attending in your place at least 1 day ahead of the class.  Once your booking is confirmed, no refunds or transfers to another class will be given.

4. Registration / Class Sign Up: Registration will generally close 3 days (72 hours) ahead of workshop as we need time to purchase, prepare ingredients and tools for the workshop. For certain workshops, instructors and our studio need to pre-bake or complete pre-work to ensure the smooth running of our workshops.

5. Workshop CancellationIn the event that the minimum number of participants is not met, the class will be cancelled. We will inform you via Whatsapp 48 hours before start date. You can choose to either get a refund of the class fee or attend another class of the same value or top up the difference.

6. Small Group / Individual Hands-on Work: Participants may be expected to work in groups of 2 during hands-on classes (or bigger groups in teambonding events) during hands-on classes.  They will decorate their own pastries/desserts to take away from the workshop.

7. Students’ Responsibility: If you have any food allergies / restrictions or illnesses, it is crucial that you make known to us before joining our classes and making payment. We will inform you if we are using any of the mentioned ingredients for the classes.  We will not accept any responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any allergies, illnesses or reaction.

8. Photos and Short Video-Taking: Participants are allowed to take photos, very short limited videos (less than 10 mins’ duration) and short limited voice recordings during workshops, unless specifically requested otherwise by instructor.  No part of the videos or voice recordings taken during teaching are permitted to be uploaded/shared on any social media platforms or with any non-paying participant.  We reserve all rights to demand for the videos or voice recording to be removed immediately from any social media platforms / groups. 

9. Copyrights: No part of this recipe and contents may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, without the prior written permission from the instructor.  All Rights Reserved.  If any non-compliance is brought to our attention, it will impact on the errant participant’s future enrolment to our classes.

10. Non-Paying Participants: To be fair to all participants, instructor and ArtZ Baking & Culinary, non-paying Children or Individuals will not be permitted to remain in the studio during workshop time, with the exception of paid parent-child participants.

11. Cleanliness: Our staff has taken extra measures in maintain high standards of cleanliness in our studio. During the Covid19 period, we would request that students do not take anything out of the drawers and cabinets on their own as part of our strict safe management measures.  If you need any assistance, please approach our instructors and staff for help.  For better hygiene purposes, please discard used tissue, used disposable gloves & paper kitchen towels in the waste bins directly, instead of leaving them on the worktops or inside the aprons’ pockets.  Kindly help to keep the worktops clean after each use.

12. Photography & Videos for Marketing: ArtZ Baking & Culinary Studio reserves the copyrights of photography and videos taken in class for future promotional purposes, without prior notice. If you do not wish to be included in such, please email artzbakingculinary@gmail.com to inform us prior to the class. Failure to do so will mean that you waive all rights to ArtZ Baking & Culinary to use photos or videos that we have captured during the class.