Sourdough Bread Workshop by Chef Instructor Diana Loo


Sourdough Bread Workshop by Chef Instructor Diana Loo

▶  On Request – Private Workshop with min 8 – 10 pax (subject to studio & instructor’s availability)

▶ Workshop Time: 12 pm – 6 pm / till finish


**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.


🎉Sourdough Bread Workshop by Chef Instructor Diana Loo🎉 (Instagram: @droolcookclub)

Purple sweet potato charcoal Tri-colour Sourdough Bread

Learn the techniques to bake your very own loaf of sourdough that is not only visually stunning, healthy and taste good too?

Using a split dough lamination technique, we will show you how to create a tri-color sourdough, leavened naturally using only premium ingredients with no added preservatives,

1st grade Premium Japanese Bread Flour (French Wheat), Purple sweet potato, charcoal and crushed toasted black & white sesame etc…

Impress your loved ones & neighbours with your freshly baked loaf even when your loaf is still baking in the oven!

Once you acquire the right knowledge with maintaining a good sourdough starter and the correct techniques of mixing, kneading, proofing, scoring and baking your dough, your efforts will be rewarded with a sweet aromatic, flavourful and nutritious bake.

Learning Points:

  • Bakers Percentage & Language
  • How to feed and maintain a strong starter (step-by-step detailed & easy method/regime to follow/understand for beginners)
  • How to plan your schedule for sourdough bakes
  • Hands-on session on making a good sourdough bread from scratch
  • Hands-on Session on Sourdough Bread Scoring
  • Demo on Sourdough Bread Baking (Students will bake their Sourdough Loaf at home after proofing Sourdough overnight)
  • What to do with Sourdough Discard – eg Healthier Sourdough Crackers etc.
  • Tips on combination of flavours

Suitable for Novices with no experience in Sourdough as we will go through step by step how to maintain a strong starter & bake Sourdough Breads. We will also go through tips to create different flavours.

We will create a private Whatsapp class group (post-workshop support) to guide students with their starter maintenance and sourdough bread baking.


Date: On Request – Private Workshop with min 8 – 10 pax (subject to studio & instructor’s availability)

Time/ 时间:12 pm – 6 pm / till finish

Fees / 学费 :SGD 280 / pax (includes a complimentary oval banneton with cloth cover, 1 Sourdough Loaf, 1 and 1 portion of Starter, 1 detailed step by step recipe guide, 1 Sourdough Bread Baking Notes Chart to bring home)

Students will get to sample the baked sourdough bread in class, plus sample another baked sourdough loaf for scoring practice.

Please WhatsApp Sharon if you are keen to join our subsequent Sourdough Bread classes.


Studio Venue/ 地点:ArtZ Baking & Culinary

466 Crawford Lane #02-16 Singapore 190466

(4-min walk from Lavender MRT Exit A, Corner Studio, directly above Tai Hwa Eating House at Blk 466)

劳明达地铁站出口A (Lavender MRT Exit A) – 走路🚶‍♀️4分钟


▶ Whatsapp Sharon at +65-9688 2777 to sign up/enquire & to avoid missing out on your messages.

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Bio of Diana Loo

Diana Loo is a self-taught seasoned baker who has acquired a wealth of Culinary & Baking  experience, through wide exposure to various food cultures & extensive travelling.

She loves food and enjoys trying out various recipes with an adventurous spirit in the kitchen, coming up with her own.  Diana expresses her creativity, love, care and hospitality through food.  She started delving and getting into healthier cooking when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease about 6 years ago.  With the aim to heal herself through food therapy, she started to cook and bake with healthier / gluten-free options and use organic products whenever possible.

This was how her journey and love with sourdough baking and cooking started.  Sourdough is easier for digestion and feeds “good” bacteria in our intestines which are important for maintaining a stable and healthy digestive system.

Over the years, Diana has conducted many healthy cooking classes, worked with several food brands to develop healthy recipes and baked countless sourdough.  She hopes to share the valuable sourdough and c ulinary experience she has gathered over the years with sourdough and culinary enthusiasts.

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register for the class.




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