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Cake Painting Artist Instructor Kwun

Butter & Blossoms’ 3D Sculpture & Brush Painting Artist & Instructor, Kwun, with over 127K followers on Instagram, is a highly-sought-after Sculpture & Brush Painting Cake Artist internationally for her 3D Chocolate & Buttercream Floral Artworks.

Kwun is coming to Singapore in Apr 2022 to teach her latest Chocolate Sculpture & Brush Painting Floral Workshops.

It is the dream of many Cake Artists / Decorators / Enthusiasts around the globe to be able to learn directly from this highly talented & ingenious Fine Art Cake Painting Guru to recreate gorgeous cake designs through chocolate or buttercream flowers palette knife painting.

Beautiful Flowers come alive through Kwun’s highly refined palette knife painting & colour toning techniques.

Since 2017, she has taught in many countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America.


* Founder of “Butter and blossoms” Studio in Bangkok, Thailand

* Started teaching overseas workshops from 2017

* Created Sculpture Painting Cakes in 2018

* Started “Butter&blossoms” Buttercream Floral Art Painting in 2016

* Owner of Patisserie shop  “Moderncake” since 2005

* Bachelor of Architecture; Industrial design; KMITL  // 2000

* Patisserie Diploma; LE CORDON BLEU  // 2008

* Piping Masterclass with Yunaflower_cake (Korea) // 2016

** Some of the frequently seen comments by her fans on ButterBlossoms Instagram:

“Absolute delight to watch your creations

Wow!! Your flowers are always stunning

Your work is just awesome

Always mind-blowing creations!

It’s so beautiful, I’m speechless! You are simply a genius at your work.

Your Peonies are out of this world!!”

Instagram: @butterblossoms / Facebook: Butter & Blossoms